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Signature Commercial Blender

Commercial juice dispenser
Commercial juice dispenser
Commercial juice dispenser

Are you looking for a high-quality, strong, and high-performing blender? Then you are in the right place. Silver crest blenders are here for your taking. This brand is well known for its quality solutions when it comes to home appliances. Silver crest blenders are suitable for home use and the busiest business environments.

From our many years of dealing in home appliances, specifically blenders, our company recommends this blender for all your blending solutions. There are numerous reasons why you should opt for this and not any other brand of blender.

The multifunction features are not only limited to blending, but it also grinds coffee, nuts, and meat. It does not get any better than this. This feature leaves you with many options to cater to your daily deals. In addition, it is convenient because you get a one-stop solution instead of many appliances that may be expensive in the long run.

Remember me saying in my opening statement how strong this blender is? The unbreakable jar is present as proof. Blending is not a weak jar affair. It involves a lot of crushing electricity and speed; this requires a solid jar to sustain the pressure. The jar is also significant, with 2 litres capacity suitable for blending large volumes.

A good blender's cutting blades should be free from rust, which is also a health concern. The stainless-steel cutting blades are one of the many features this blender boasts. This ensures that all the juices, spices, and nuts blended in the jar are safe from contamination. Our company offers the finest Silver Crest blenders that will serve you for a very long time.

Moreover, our blenders have high-performance rates - 3200 rpm speed up, and the six cutting blades deliver high cutting efficiency, ensuring complete crushing in less than ten seconds. The cell wall rapture rate is higher than ninety per cent, a feature that provides maximum removal of nutrients from juices and food. It is thus suitable for making foods for children and the elderly.

Our blenders' adjustable speed control affects the change of speed of the blender motor to suit different blending requirements. This ensures the efficient crushing of various food substances and juices to achieve the required results to maintain customers in juice parlours.

The blender is made in a simple model, and the functional features are direct and visible, making it easy to follow the operator manual. The jars and blades are removable, making cleaning easy.

Now that you understand why this would be the best blender for you, sourcing the right product remains your only problem, and that is where we come in. Our knowledge of the product is one of the reasons to convince you that we know what we are dealing with. Trust us to deliver you an original Silver Crest blender at an affordable price and without delay to a destination of your choice. Contact us today!