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Nunix Blender

A blender tops the list of kitchen appliances all over the world. Whether you are preparing juice for the family or a meal when weaning a baby, a blender is a handy appliance. The Nunix blender is your best choice if you need this kitchen assistant. Our company supplies these blenders in a variety of designs as per your choice and requirements.

We supply Nunix blenders that come in two-in-one with a remarkable 1.5-litre capacity which means you can blend for up to five people. It is ideal for making smoothies and is reliable and durable. Therefore, our blender gives you value for your money because it will serve you for a long time.

Our blenders have rubber bases that give the devices a non-slip grip. You can place the blenders on tabletops and blend seamlessly without worrying about them slipping to the ground. Your kitchen will remain tidy as you enjoy preparing your meal.

If you are seeking an appliance with a powerful motor, our Nunix blenders have powerful motors with heat fuse. The blenders havespeed controllers connected to ring-like appliances so that the ring rotations affect the speed of the motors. Moreover, the plug has three pins making it easy to fit into the socket.

Our Nunix blenders are high quality and operate on 250W-280W, 220-240V, and 50-60HZ power supplies. The feature gives them optimal torque and speed for chopping fruits, vegetables, and meat. In a different voltage, the blender will not function at its optimum. A blender blowing up during blending can be a great inconvenience. Fortunately, you will not experience this mishap with our blenders.

Having an inbuilt safety system makes our blenders the ideal choice for you. They have a layout that locks the cup's lid and activates the electric motor's safety switch. As a safety precaution, the blender will not function if the lid is not in place.

We stock Nunix blenders with unique and stylish designs that will give your kitchen an authentic look. Your living space will look neat with the blender around it. Enjoy your drink or meal while having an attractive appliance around. Our blenders are genuine and of high quality. Contact us today to acquire the Nunix blender of your choice!